Congratulations to the fab labs and schools!

Congratulations to the fab labs and schools!

To celebrate the end of a spectacular year and the start of an even more fabulous 2019, B-Photonics is offering 20 Photonics Workshop toolkits for free across Europe.

Fab Labs and schools who registered for this special New Year treat, could choose between three different workshops:

-a DIY-remote-control Infrared glove

-a smartphone controlled RGB lamp

-a GOBO projector

10 winning Fab Labs

  • De creatieve stem vzw BE
  • Fablab Skanderborg DK
  • Sénart'Lab FR
  • FabLab München DE
  • FabLab Cuneo IT
  • FabLab Groningen NL
  • Fab Lab Sant Cugat ES
  • Onl'Fait CHE
  • FabLab Fabricator UA
  • Habibi.Works GR

10 winning schools

  • KSD Talent Diest BE
  • Liceo scientifico A. Scacchi IT
  • Stedelijk Gymnasium Schiedam NL
  • Carlucci American International School Lisbon PT
  • Our Ladys High SCO
  • San Adrian BHI ES
  • Oberstufe Gässeli Widnau CHE
  • Elgin Academy UK

We do want to learn to improve the toolkits taking the user-experience into account.

Therefor we ask the 20 winners to perform the Photonics workshop before end of April 2019 and to share their experience, both as trainer and as participant. Integrating the findings of the youngsters and trainers supports our key mission to inspire future generations of engineers in photonics.

Not lucky??

No problem, try out the workshops yourself!

The Photonics Workshop toolkits were developed and thoroughly tested in the PHABLABS 4.0 project. For this European project, the science of light and light technologies is merged with the world of existing Fab Labs. A total of 33 Photonics workshops are tailored to three different target groups, from 10 to +18, which can be performed in Fab Labs or in experiment-driven environments. Each workshop explains fundamental photonics principles to boost photonics skills that can be used in a wide variety of exciting applications. All educational information is available for free on the website of Phablabs 4.0 :

The photonics materials can also be purchased online: