Congratulations to all participants of the B-Photonics Cup!

Congratulations to all participants of the B-Photonics Cup!

The closing ceremony was organized a little differently than initially expected. COVID-19 forced us to cancel the final event with the 'prototype market' and the 'jury round' in the Colruyt Group buildings. Instead, an online award ceremony was organized on Tuesday 26/05/2020.

Because the lessons were also organized differently during this period, a number of groups stopped their participation early. Nevertheless, we are very surprised by the 18 entries (from 9 schools).

The jury has now decided ;) Congratulations to all participants!

🏆Main winner🏆
Optimization of the indoor climate of school buildings using smart lamps
- Jana Cambré, Lune Clarebout, Febe Moortgat -
Busleyden Atheneum -Campus Pitzemburg

🏅Most creative and clear video🏅
Bike lock
- Florian Van De Kelder -
Sint-Martinusscholen TSO-BSO Asse

🏅Colruyt Group Innovation Prize🏅
- Stijn Jamaer, Amber Schelfout, Hannah Claes, Hubert Skorupa -
Virga Jessecollege Hasselt

🏅VUB Photonics Prize🏅
- Bilal Oubaddi, Eren Sagir, Fabrice Adoté, Naïm Migliore -
Atheneum Anderlecht

🏅Audience Award🏅
Helpdesk Airport
- Josué De Wolf, Hanne Jacobs -
Busleyden Atheneum -Campus Pitzemburg

Curious about all entries?

You can find them here.

Herbekijk de volledige online award ceremony!

We would like to thank in particular ColruytGroup/Technics, Real Estate & Energy for the great cooperation!