Spectacular photonics science show!

Spectaculaire fotonica show!

Science is fun! More than 800 pupils of the second and third grade of secondary schools discovered this during the whirling and interactive photonics science show of last Monday 4 & Tuesday 5 February. Phd's of the VUB research group Brussels Photonics, presented the unique properties of light.

The young audience learned how photonics is used in medicine, robotics, sustainable energy, telecommunications, screens or even virtual reality headsets.

The participating students were actively involved in the experiments and demonstrations.

"With the science show, VUB B-PHOT wants to challenge young people who are about to make an important choice for their future, to sharpen their curiousity and critical view of the world and to be open to the versatility of technology-oriented studies. Photonics is a good example of this, "Prof. dr. Dr.Ir. Hugo Thienpont Vice Rector Innovation & Valorisation and Director of the photonics research group B-PHOT.