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The photonics Gobo slide projector is composed of various parts shaped from wood with a laser cutter. The power LED and the two lenses make it possible to project a figure or drawing made on a plate. The distance between the two lenses can be adapted to change the size and focus of the image.

10 – 16 years


Lens system, imaging, soldering, assembling

€12.5 /projector

Laser cutter, Soldering iron

List of components of a standard “photonics Gobo slide projector toolkit”

(makes 10 projectors)

  • 10 x high power LEDs
  • 10 x sets of 2 lenses (f = 225mm)
  • 10 x DC-to-DC convertor
  • 10 x switches
  • 5 x USB power cable
  • 10 x PVC tube
  • mirror tape
  • 10 x cooling elements
  • plexi plates

Read the instructions here

Price of standard toolkit (excl. delivery)
€ 125

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