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Slide Projector

Grandma would like to view her old slides, but her projector is broken. Can you make a device with which you can project these slides?

Make a slide projector with which you can project a still image on a surface. You can focus the image by adjusting the distance between the lenses.

10-16 year

2,5 h


lasercutting, soldering


Instructions and files

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  • Application with lenses in daily life: SLR camera
  • The viewfinder system allows optimal aiming and adjustment.
  • A mirror is placed in the beam path between lens and sensor, at an angle of 45°.
  • The image is projected on a horizontal adjustment glass.
  • The focal length of the objective is adjustable when you have a zooming lens.



-Describe simple lenses and recognize the different types of lenses.
-Indicate the location of the main focal point and the secondary focal point on the optical axis, and describe the experiment how to find these focal points.
- Describe and illustrate the characteristic rays of a thin convex lens with an experiment.
- Experimentally verify the imaging at the thin convex lens.
-Construct the image with thin convex lenses and explain the properties of the image.
-Check the relationship between object distance, image distance and focal length.
-Perform magnification on thin convex lenses.
-Describe some applications of the use of lenses.
-Linking optics with optical devices and phenomena from our dialy life.


-Working with lenses and beam charts
-Building their own setup and linking observations to theory.