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B-PHOTONICS CUP: Vote for the Audience Award


B-Photonics Challenger Cup

Come and have a look during the online closing ceremony! Vote for the audience award or participate in next year's edition!


The closing ceremony of the B-Photonics Cup will take place on Tuesday 26 May at 5 pm.

Curious? You can be there!
We will distribute the link on our Facebook page, so keep an eye on it!

The lines are closed!

We are thrilled to have received 18 submissions to the B-Photonics Cup edition 2019-2020. 18 groups of students from 7 different schools in Flanders and Brussels gave the best of themselves and sent us a video of their solution. A jury, composed of experts from ColruytGroup / Technics, Real Estate & Energy and experts from VUB Brussels Photonics, will now start to rate all videos in the same way.
But there is also a public prize to be won.
And for that we need your help!

Below you will find the link to each submitted video and to the evaluation form (5 short questions for each video). We bundled the videos in groups of four. Judging each group takes about 15 minutes. This way you spread judging.
These results also count for 20% in determining the main winner.
You can rate until Thursday evening 21 May 23h59.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Rate the first 4 videos

Rate the second group of videos

Rate the third group of videos

Rate the fourth group of videos

Rate the last group of videos

Would you like to participate with your class next year?

Register as a teacher to attend the online information session about the B-Photonics CUP. This will take place online on Wednesday 09/09/2020 from 2 pm to 4 pm. We would like to tell you more about the purpose of this B-Photonics Challenger Cup and the state of affairs. This information session is without obligation, you can then decide later whether or not to participate with your class.

The B-photonics Cup is a scientific and educational initiative of B-PHOT Brussels Photonics, in collaboration with ColruytGroup / Technics, Real Estate & Energy. It offers various challenges, each with an emphasis on the key role of photonics in various applications, including retail. The participating teams in the B-photonics Cup received an interesting introduction to photonics by experts and each had a budget of € 100 for the purchase of materials to build their system. A unique opportunity to discover the world of photonics & technology in a team.

They could choose from the following three challenges:
-Use existing light fixtures to build a Lifi communication system capable of transmitting at least two different messages. You can choose the area of ​​application yourself (eg: traffic, healthcare, retail ...)
-The challenge is to build a smart lamp based on your own ideas. The conditions you have to take into account are the use of sensors (light, temperature, heat radiation, wind, human gestures) and a microcontroller (Arduino platform) to make autonomous decisions regarding the light color and intensity. Use high-power LEDs as the light source.
-Build the next generation of greenhouses used at home (in the kitchen) based on the principles of photonics, the science of light and light technology. Design a greenhouse and use LEDs, solar panels, light guides ... The final design is just as important as the light efficiency you can get.