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With this photonics toolkit you can make a powerful RGB lamp. The intensity of each colour is controlled by your smartphone. This can be completed in a 2.5-hour workshop, thanks to the included breadboards that significantly reduce the amount of time spent on soldering.

This is a great project that perfectly fits with studying the Internet-of-things!

15 - 18 years


Colour mixing, Soldering, Programming

€23/RGB lamp

Laser cutter, Soldering iron

List of components of a standard smartphone controlled RGB lamp

(makes 10 lamps)

  • 10 x high power red LED
  • 10 x high power green LED
  • 10 x high power blue LED
  • 30 x lenses
  • 10 x WeMos (microcontroller)
  • 10 x resistor 3.3 Ohm
  • 10 x resistor 5.6 Ohm
  • 10 x ULN2003A
  • 10 x breadboard small
  • 10 x breadboard mini
  • 10 x USB A to micro B
Price of standard toolkit (excl. delivery & not included MDF sheet):
€ 230

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