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Photonics Explorer
(kit for 10 prototypes)



Photonics Gobo slide projector
(kit for 10 prototypes)



Photonics IR glove
(kit for 10 prototypes)



Smartphone controlled RGB lamp
(kit for 10 prototypes)



General Photonics Toolkit


5m Flexible plastic optical fiber €15*

5 meter Rigid plastic optical fiber €2.5*

5x plastic lenses €6*

5X White Power LED €8*

5x RED Power LED5x Green Power LED5x Bleu Power LED €8*

5x lens high power LED €13.5*

5x RGB LED €3*

5x LED module €12.5*

5m LED Strip €30*

5x LED strip connectors (pairs) €0.75*

5x IR LED €2*

5x IR receiver €8.5*

5x Laser diode €12.5*

5x Laser module €20*

5x Mirror €2.5*

5x Mosaic mirror €1*

10cm² Semi permeable mirror €5*

5x Solar panel €62.5*

5x Diffraction grating €2.5*

1m Linear polarising sheet €75*

1 sheet Lenticular paper €7.5*

5x Glow in the dark tape €10*

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