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EYESTvzw is a Belgium based non-profit organization established in November 2011 by members of the Brussels Photonics Team of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and dedicated to 'Excite Youth for Engineering, Science and Technology'. The mission of EYEST is to raise the interest of young people towards science, engineering and technology by creating and disseminating educational programmes and by supporting teachers in their endeavour to convey the fascination of science and engineering to pupils and students, and as such to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. The development of EYEST's educational programmes is financially supported by sponsoring companies and governments and they are made available to teachers, students and schools. EYESTvzw is currently responsible for the fundraising for and the assembly of the Photonics Explorer kit as well as for its distribution throughout Europe. EYESTvzw works with 26 Local Associated Partners, who are supporting the distribution, including training of the Photonics Explorer kit to the teachers of their region.

EYESTvzw took part in several European projects. In the framework of the European project, GOPHOTON, EYESTvzw helped with the development of the Photonics Innovator toolkit. In the European Project, LIGHT2015!, EYESTvzw was a work package leader for the further roll-out of the Photonics Explorer in Europe in the framework of the International Year of Light 2015. In the PHABLABS 4.0 project the main task of EYESTvzw was the assembly and distribution of the Photonics toolkits to the pilot fab labs and other European Fab Labs who are interested. EYESTvzw is proud to announce that all the Photonics components needed to perform the Photonics Workshops of PHABLABS 4.0 are available online. In addition 3 complete toolkits (photonics + other parts) identified as ideal STEM projects by teachers targeting the needs of schools are made available commercially by EYESTvzw: The IRglove, the smartphone controlled RGB lamp and the GOBO projector.

Sinds oktober 2020 mag EYESTvzw zich ook een STEM-academie noemen. We zullen er dan ook alles aan doen om verder STEM-trajecten uit te bouwen.

Products of EYEST

Photonics Explorer

Photonics Toolkits PHABLABS 4.0

Board members of EYEST

  • Debaes Nathalie, CEO
  • Thienpont Hugo, president
  • Prasad Amrita
  • Vlekken Johan, representing the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

General Assembly EYEST

  • Debaes Nathalie, CEO
  • Thienpont Hugo, president
  • Prasad Amrita
  • Vlekken Johan, representing the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Seyringer Heinz
  • Guerrero Gonzalez Neil
  • De Pauw Tine

EYEST, Excite Youth for Engineering, Science and Technology

legal form: vzw, non profit organization

Vollezelestraat 46
1755 Gooik

Enterprise number: 841152821
VAT number: BE0841152821