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IR glove

Lukas would love to watch Star Wars on TV tonight. But he knows that his father will not want to hand over the remote control. Could you help him to build a new remote control?

Make a remote control that you can operate by pressing two fingers together. An infrared LED will send the signals to the TV or radio.



infrared technology, electromagnetic spectrum

lasercutting, soldering, programming


Instructions and files


Stop looking, you will find them here!

  • Applications technology: Infrared lamps, infrared camera, TV remote control.
  • Infrared lamps keep the food warm, are used in infrared saunas or for the correction of muscle and joint pain in physiotherapy.
  • An infrared camera can detect the heat of objects or bodies.
  • It is used for example to detect heat losses in a house.
  • During the ebola crisis, people were screened on fever in the airport with an infrared camera.

What do the participants learn?


-Describe the properties of the areas in the electromagnetic spectrum and indicate possible sources of this radiation.
-To illustrate the concepts of EM radiation and EM spectrum.
-Description of the most important areas of the EM spectrum based on applications from the students’ environment.
-Describe the properties, sources and applications of non-hazardous EM waves: microwaves, radio signals, GMS, WiFi


-Building their own setup and linking observations te theory.