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B-PHOT, Brussels Photonics helps with the kids university organized by science communication from the VUB.

In the spring the VUB launches its kids university with a real KICK-OFF. Pupils from the third grade primary education in Brussels are introduced to our university and spend the day as a 'real' student on the campus in Etterbeek. The day is packed with workshops, where researchers bring their expertise to children's standards.

In the autumn, the children's university will also spread its wings, and classes can register for separate workshops with them at school or at the university.

With this initiative, we want to lower the threshold to higher studies by bringing children into contact with science and research early on in their educational program. VUB Kids University reaches children in a fun, accessible way with the message that studying is for everyone, regardless of your social, economic or cultural background. The VUB also chooses to organize the Kids university in class. In this way we hope to reach as many children as possible from as many different neighborhoods in Brussels as possible. Because learning at a young age is … studying at old age?

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